HOYA-VS as a company with decades of experience in the field of professional seeds and all of us as members of its team have always set the highest goals and standards in the selection of hybrids and varieties for our market.

We can freely say that we still have the privilege to choose who we will work with, whether it is seed houses or independent breeders who deal with their own selections. It's our great advantage over most competitors, because of all our suppliers, we first select and then test only hybrids and varieties that are suitable for our market. The seed companies we work with are from different parts of the world, from Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, all the way to Japan.

There are also domestic selections of Milomir Mišo Antović packed under the MIP SEED brand. Some of the supplier companies are specialized and dominant for the protected area, and some exclusively for the open field. All in all, we have united all their selections and brands under one slogan and already recognizable brand: HOYA SEED Most of the seeds !!!