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About Us

...established at the begining of 1992. like one of the first private enterprises registered under new law, which allows establishing a private enterprise. Firm has practically raised and continued the business as independent trade shop for “supplying agricultural producers with raw materials”. Established 1989. with a little bit attractive name of former trade shop, fortify the direction which precisely and unequivocally determined the business policy of enterprise.

In the next few years the position and role of firm was clearly determined in business. Today “HOYA V.S.” is a recognizable name in horticulture, and primarily when it is about transfering new technologies and technical achievements in modern and intensive production of vegetables and flowers.

Firm “HOYA V.S.” is a official distributor and importer of few internationally famous and recognized company which are leaders in their domain or amongst the best in the world in field of improving the agricultural production, mostly horticulture.

“HOYA V.S.” doesn’t have a retail network, and our products are distributed through larger number of enterprises or independent shops, which are specialized for sales of these or similar products.
Headquaters of company is in Subotica, Put Edvarda Kardelja 227B, 24104 Kelebija.