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…reflected through several separate programs, each of which can be observed as a separated part but at the same time all programs are compatibile and form a logical chain in different production proceses in field of horticulture.


First and certanly the most numerous group form the activities and products directly related to vegetable production. This group comprises large number of reputable seed companies with selection of high quality vegetable hybrids.
Tight cooperation with trusted partners and selection of their best hybrids, guarantees the quality of our offer.


New category Hoya-Fruit. Longtime experience in field of fruit growing, cooperation with best partners and trained with experience of agricultural producers, we chose for you the best seedlings of fruit, profesional tools, and also instruments which will help you to get the best results in your production.


Another, also very numerous but nothing less important group form the products from modern nutrition and plant production, mineral wather soluble and granulated fertilizers, microelements and biostimulators, last generation granulated organic fertilizers and also diferent substrates, peats, earth regenerators.


Fourth, and the smallest group form like the name said - Hoya Plast, products originated from artificial, plastic materials. In our offer we have polyetilen foil for diferent purposes, agrotekstil foils, rashel nets and bags, polypropilen and silicon clips, polyetilen packaging for fruit and vegetables, etc.


is formed of measuring instruments with diferent purposes and wide range of application and have a conection with first three group, but also can be considered like unity without constrains related to location and way of application. The criterion of instrument selection was foremost their aplication and importance for agriculture production.