Promotion of mini watermelon SWEET PEPITA - Palić

Not every little watermelon is SWEET PEPITA!

On Saturday, August 21, we held another successful promotion of the mini watermelon SWEET PEPITA on the promenade next to Lake Palić.

Many tourists from all over Serbia, but also from neighboring Hungary, were delighted with the watermelon, with honest comments about how great Pepita really is. Everyone tried a piece, two ... watermelons and got a flyer where you can find out everything about Sweet Pepita: where they are produced, where they can be bought, how they can get seeds ...

Not every little watermelon is SWEET PEPITA!

We especially greet the Children's Church Choir from Sombor, whose members, with their cordiality and sincerity, elicited sincere smiles from everyone on the promenade.

See you at the next promotion!