Promotion of mini watermelon SWEET PEPITA in Soko Banja

Not every little watermelon is SWEET PEPITA!

On Saturday, July 31, 2021, we hosted the promotion of mini watermelons SWEET PEPITA on the promenade in Soko Banja. We had a large attendance by tourists from all over Serbia who stay in the spa.

They were at first confused by the size, and then delighted by the taste of watermelon.
After the tasting, tourists who tasted the watermelon were full of praise for the sweetness and sweetness of the watermelon.

Among the tasters, most of them were children who came back several times to enjoy the sweetness of these watermelons. Questions followed: where are they produced, where can they be bought, how can seeds be obtained ...

Not every little watermelon is SWEET PEPITA!

See you at the next promotion!