Moja korpa



Company HOYA VS In his many years of work with seed companies , was able to become acquainted with a large number of small and large vegetable growers and other agricultural producers and in direct contact with them and based on their suggestions , examine and recognize their needs for quality and necessary additional supplies and equipment necessary for daily production. Whether it is a necessary accessory for work, commodity intermediary products , different packaging or on extensive primary resources and production facilities , for us it is a challenge but also a great responsibility to agricultural producers, to offer our customers the highest quality fittings and accessories with the best possible terms and conditions prices.

In this way, we try for more than twenty years to provide our customer with the best possible conditions for better and safer production.

Today we can say with obvious pleasure to point out that all our partners are – foreign suppliers in this field, as well as their products, the top of world production and undisputed leaders in their field.


On the next pages you can learn more about our partners-firms and about their products:

  • MAAR – Slovenia: supporting and protective nets
  • BATO – Holland: plastic clips
  • BAYTEKS – Turkey: agro-textile mats
  • MARDENKRO – Holland: preparations for greenhouses
  • V&B – Serbia, mulch