Moja korpa



For many years the company HOYA V.S. imports and distributes a variety of measuring instruments, which application at a very beginning was designed for people who are in different ways engaged in horticulture. The last few years our product range of measuring instruments have expandend on complete ranges of our suppliers, ie. foreign manufacturers.

In practice this means that we now have no restrictions on the type or profile of our customers, because the instruments used for the widest application in everyday use on the one hand and professional and highly specialized use in different industries.

Our foregin partners in the business of measuring instruments are companies that have many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality measuring instruments.

Customers of our measuring instruments are very diverse structures. Ranging from large retail chains and independent shops with consumer goods to specialized shops with a certain type of goods ( sports shops, human pharmacy, agricultural stores, technical goods stores , gift shops and others).

Also important place in our business turnover are end user customers. These are primaly the users of these instruments (mainly professional instruments). In addition to users in the field of horticulture, users of our instruments are also in the food industry, water menagement, fisheries, pharmaceuticals, dairy, tobacco, Electric Power, Post, construction operations, hospitality and many other industries.

Our partners are:

  • Pessl Instruments – Austria, meteo stations
  • STEPS System – Germany, digital pH, EC meters, soil analisys
  • TFA-Dostman – Germany, all kinds of thermometers
  • Turoni – Italy, refractometers, hand calibrators
  • Efos – Slovenia, automatic pheromone traps